F2 Solutions has developed a unique set of algorithms for patients with Faint or Fall, which are deployed in a secure data model through Cloud-Computing, to leverage the power of the Internet.

Combining an educational tool like F2 Solutions' algorithms with Cloud Technology will benefit all participants involved in the treatment of patients with Faint or Fall.

F2 Solutions’ website access is also highly secure, using password protection, restricted VPN access, and encryption technologies, while hosting the application in a secure and protected Internet Data Center.


The diagram at the left shows the architecture of the Cloud Computing data model. Users access F2 Solutions' algorithm with Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer browsers, via secure Virtual Private Network logins. The database runs algorithmic reports in F2's Internet Data Center and the results are presented to the user.

F2 Solutions provides all user training for the application, as well as manages the VPN link and all software upgrades. We will also train designated Super User(s) to manage the creation and deletion of user accounts. This can be at F2 Solutions’ facilities or on-site.