Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Policy Statement

Covered Entities

F2 Solutions, Inc. understands that most of our U.S. customers are "Covered Entities" under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA") for privacy and security regulations. As HIPAA Covered Entities, our customers are legally obligated to maintain the privacy of all patient information that they create and/or receive.

While F2 Solutions, Inc. is not a HIPAA Covered Entity, we do recognize and rigidly adhere to the HIPAA privacy and security regulations. F2 Solutions, Inc. remains committed to interacting with our customers and their patients as responsible professionals who are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of information that we receive, consistent with applicable law and regulations.

To perform our jobs, F2 Solutions, Inc. employees may create, develop and/or receive information about patients' experiences with our products in a variety of situations, including:

▪ Providing information or technical support for our products

▪ Interacting with other members of the health care provider team regarding a particular patient's diagnosis and treatment

▪ Receiving questions and suggestions about our products and services from payers, clinicians, and other health care providers

▪ Collecting, analyzing and re-analyzing our data in a continuous effort to improve the design, quality and function of our products

F2 Solutions, Inc. expects our employees to strictly adhere to and respect all HIPAA regulations, as well as each customer's explicit and implicit instructions regarding incidental exposure to protected health information.

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