Contributing to the improvement of patient care, while lowering healthcare cost.

Fainting and Falling episodes are major health care problems with significant morbidity, mortality and healthcare cost.

Studies have shown inappropriate discharges and admissions of patients presenting with Faint resulting in unnecessary risks to patients and added cost to healthcare payers. Similarly, the yield of diagnosis in patients with Fall is suboptimal leading to a high recurrence rate and added cost to healthcare payers. In patients with Faint or Fall, there is often under-utilization of inexpensive tests such as orthostatic testing and carotid sinus massage, and over-utilization of more expensive tests including cardiac and neurologic imaging studies. F2 Solutions developed guideline-based algorithms to assist clinicians and payers in their management of patients with Faint or Fall.

F2 Solutions' Mission

F2 Solutions' mission is to provide those in the healthcare continuum (patients, doctors, hospitals and payers) with a better solution for their diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with Faint or Fall. Better patient care at lower cost is the theme of the company. This will be achieved by providing sophisticated guideline-based algorithms that help providers increase their yield to diagnosis and reduce the number of unwarranted tests and admissions.

The high rate of misdiagnoses and unwarranted costs compelled the founders of F2 Solutions to develop a better solution for healthcare providers' diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with Faint or Fall.